Need to Hire

Decisive Talent specializes in providing custom talent search through Direct Hire, Contract-to-Hire, Contract Only, and retainer based services.

Our ability to design a hiring option that is specifically tailored to your company allows us to become an extension of your overall recruiting efforts.  When finding the right candidate quickly impacts your ability to meet objectives, contact us and we’ll ensure you do so.

Direct Hire

We provide the candidate for full time/permanent hire with your company at a pre-determined percentage of the candidates first year’s salary.


The chosen candidate will work on a contract basis, as a Decisive Talent employee, for a pre-determined amount of time, and converts to a full time/permanent employee at no additional cost once the contract period is complete.

Contract Only

The chosen candidate will work on an hourly/contract basis as a Decisive Talent employee as needed.


Decisive Talent provides a customized talent sourcing solution based on hours, project, etc.